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Recruiting Active Ageing Project Officer


JOB TITLE: Active Aging Project Officer
SALARY: starting at ยฃ28,000 /per annum
TERM: 3 Years Contract (With 6 Month Probationary Period)
LOCATION: 11 Main St., Maghera (Primarily)
HOURS OF WORK: 35 Hours per week
RESPONSIBLE FOR: Planning & Delivery of Active Aging Events and Activities
RESPONSIBLE TO: The Board of Management

BY E-MAILING CV TO before 5pm on Monday

Main Purpose of the Job
Following the success of our voluntary activities for older people, Maghera Heritage and Cultural Centre (MHS) requires an Active Aging Project Officer to ensure the smooth running of the operational aspects of this work in a more formally planned structure. This will include the management of various health focussed projects for older people. The role will also help to develop networks of support for older people to support this work (e.g. local community groups, advocates for older people, linking with housing and care homes and the various communication channels to reach the target audience).

The Active Aging Project Officer will also work with our Volunteers in their work to help connect people with physical and social activity opportunities that are right for them.

Summary of Responsibilities and Key Duties of the Job

  1. To lead and manage the operational delivery of various schemes aimed at improving the quality of older peopleโ€™s lives through being more physically and socially active. This will include the promotion, operational and process management of schemes associated with the aims and objectives of Maghera Heritage and Cultural Society in their work to address the needs and desires of older people.
  2. To work with the statutory, commercial and voluntary sector to identify opportunities to embed various projects aimed at older people into services, co-ordinating and evaluating successes and challenges, sharing learning internally and externally with partners.
  3. To continue to develop improvements to current projects within the active ageing portfolio together with developing new products and resources where applicable with older people being at the centre of these developments.
  4. Assist the MHS board with embedding physical activity and functional fitness into everyday life for older people through building strong partnerships locally with key organisations related to older people right across the public, private and voluntary sectors.
  5. Provide information and guidance to individuals or organisations around what opportunities MHS has available that may can be shared to help motivate and support older adult physical activity participation at home and outside across the locality.
  6. Assist the board with identifying opportunities to upskill workforces around the move more and live longer better messages, co-ordinating and delivering training workshops in the centre and/or other local settings when required.
  7. Support the board in developing, implementing and monitoring projects for the long-term health conditions priority group as part of government policies / strategies to help address inequalities for this group.
  8. Develop a variety of communication channels including the creation of e-newsletters, social media posts, ambassador stories, whilst ensuring the needs, barriers and conduits to physical activity conversations, such as children and grandchildren are considered.
  9. Drive collaborative and innovative approaches that inspire and enable local communities to build physical activity into their lives assisting with the work to lay a foundation for a more sustainable, healthy and active Maghera of the future.
  10. To proactively communicate and share impact, evaluation and learning around active aging through local channels and national networks so that successful intervention and change can be adopted, challenged and improved.
  11. Undertake regular focus groups with relevant audiences, including carers where appropriate, to provide insight into key activation measures and / or measurement of physical activity interventions.
  12. Take an insight-led approach to understanding how to improve different products designed to increase physical activity and improve the quality of life for older adults.
  13. Act as a source of professional information and guidance to help older adults feel confident and secure around participating in being more active.
  14. Assist the board in managing funding from funding partners, including evaluation and reporting mechanisms as well as project planning and delivery.
  15. To represent MHS on committees and groups within the Mid Ulster Council area, regionally and nationally where appropriate.
  16. Undertake any other duties and participate in projects commensurate with the nature and grading of this post or at the direction of the line manager.
  17. To access (and avail of) appropriate training opportunities to help upskill self and others.
  18. To act in a manner always which protects the integrity, the good image and reputation of MHS as a carer of its community.

General Information
All work performed/duties undertaken must be carried out in accordance with relevant MHS policies and procedures, within legislation, and with regard to the needs of our customers and the diverse community we serve.

PERSON SPECIFICATION Active Aging Project Officer


Knowledge and appreciation of the benefits and barriers of physical activity for older adults living with one or more long-term health conditions  Essential
Basic knowledge of primary, secondary care systems and the role of public healthDesirable
Establishing and developing successful partnershipsDesirable
Knowledge of project managementDesirable

Skills and Abilities

Able to organise and prioritise effectively to meet deadlinesEssential
Excellent communication skills (including presentation delivery and report writing) and interpersonal skills to develop and manage relationships with partners.  Essential
Able to use own initiative and be proactive in planning and driving work programmesEssential
Be adaptable, responsive and able to perform multiple tasks to a high standardEssential
Able to work effectively with computer based programmes such as Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint with Canva being usefulEssential
A commitment to equality and diversity in working practices, with the ability to embed this across all aspects of work.Essential


Exercise Instructor qualification (with recognised certification)Desirable
Experience of successful partnership working to achieve common goalsEssential
Experience of balancing multiple project tasksEssential
Experience of working with older adults or people living with long term health conditionsEssential
Experience of working in physical activity and/or health and well-beingEssential
Experience of delivering training programmes and presentationsEssential


 Fitness qualification                Desirable
 Relevant / associated diploma / degree or equivalent (e.g. Healthcare / Education)Desirable
 Clean, valid driving licence  Essential

Work-related Personal Qualities

Effective communicator, capable of generating enthusiasm with a positive approach.Essential
Able to inspire confidence in others.Essential
A passion for physical activity and a desire to improve peopleโ€™s quality of life through promoting physical healthEssential
As a responsible member of staff, ability to add to the established harmonious working environment in MHS.Essential