School Memories

While we may not all agree with the saying that ‘schooldays are the happiest days of our lives’, we would have to accept that they are an important time for everyone . Our first day at school is the day we take our first steps into our own independent life.

Now that many of us have more time on our hands with the restrictions caused by the pandemic, MHS Heritage & Culture has produced this booklet to prompt memories of our schooldays – maybe to share with family and friends or maybe just as a keepsake for ourselves.

The booklet is really designed to record the experiences of primary school but of course it could relate to second level as well.

Being based in Maghera we are particularly interested in memories people have of local schools. We would be very grateful if anyone who went to school in Maghera or the surrounding area could fill in a booklet for our archives and return it to us at The Hearth, 11 Main Street, Maghera BT465AA.

This local history would be a wonderful resource for future generations and would document the development of education in Maghera. This information can also be posted on our website.

We hope you enjoy reliving memories of your days at school.