Googling and reference books allowed. It will still be tricky. Hint: some of the answers can be found in back issues of Maghera Times.

All correct entries submitted by June 22nd will be entered into a draw for a £50 prize

The draw will take place in the Hub at 3 pm on the 24th June and the winner notified

                                     Return to  MHS Heritage & Culture Ltd. The Hub, 7 Main Street Maghera BT46 5AA   

 Or email to:

PEOPLE (10 questions)

  1. Name the prizewinning author, born in Maghera in 1928, who went on to write over 250 books for children and young adults?
  2. This Maghera woman, born in Walsh’s Hotel, went on to serve in the Irish Dail and Senate. What was her name?
  3. Born in Knocknakielt in 1887, who was awarded the Military Cross, the Distinguished Order of Merit (twice) and nominated for the Victoria Cross during World War 1?
  4. Born in Gorteade, he left Maghera as a child and his name appeared on the first published version of the American Declaration of Independence. Who is he?
  5. Who led the Oak Leaf minor side to Ulster glory before heading south to play for the Hawthorn football Club in the Australian Football League?
  6. Who gave his name to the Glenshane Pass?
  7. Name the designer of the farm house constructed from shipping containers who featured on the Chanel 4 series ‘Grand Designs’?
  8. What is Wendy Houvenaghel from Upperlands known for?
  9. Born in Grillagh, who is commemorated by a statue in front of the Royal Belfast Academical Institution?
  10. Which former research director of CERN (1933-2016) was born in Maghera, the son of the manager of the Embroidery Factory?

 THE TOWN (8 Questions)

  1. What was the original name for Hall Street?
  2. What year did Maghera Station close to passengers? For an extra point what year did the final line closure take place?
  3. Which local hostelry was once known as ‘The Inn of Maghera’?
  4. What local hostelry is known as ‘Ireland’s highest bar and restaurant’?
  5. Identify the following shops (now sadly gone) from Maghera in the ‘50s.

a) This general drapery shop which advertised itself as a ladies’ and gents’ outfitters stood where Allie Mae’s is today.

b)  This shop was previously on the site of the catalogue shop and Rankin’s shoe shop. It was the largest drapery shop in Maghera in the ‘50s and had a ‘Cash Carrier’ which sent money to the cashier by a system of wires and pulleys.

c) A general merchants store, this shop stocked everything from timber and hardware to groceries, china and household goods. They even had a petrol pump outside. Now McKeefrey’s furniture outlet has taken over the site.

  1. Can you identify these shops with a long history, still open in Maghera?

a) Around since 1961, opened by the father of the present owner, this shop has helped many people over the years. It is opposite where the old Picture House stood.

b)Known for its gifts and previously for its hardware, and founded in 1936, this shop has seen many changes. It is no longer owned by the original family but continues to keep the name. It recently had a facelift.

c)The origins of this shop go back to 1898. It remains in the same family and has expanded its products over the years –                       famous for its pies!

  1. In what year was the Ulster Bank in Maghera, designed by Jackson Thomas, built?
  2. Where in the town can you find the Scales of Justice?

TOWNLANDS (6 Questions)

  1.  In which Barony is Maghera located?                                                                                                                                                 
  2. Which of these townlands is NOT in the Civil Parish of Maghera? a) Gulladuff, b) Kirley, c) Dergenagh, d) Culnady e) Fallagloon?
  3. Where in Maghera do the townlands of Craigadick, Moneymore and Tamneymullan meet?
  4. True or false: Guy Pearce the famous actor once visited a disco in Slaughtneil
  5. Does Drumard mean: a) High Ridge, b) The place of the Drum, c) Drummers’ Fort?
  6. In which townland was a Classical School founded in the early 1800s by John Mac Closkey?


  1. Name Ulster Wildlife’s largest Nature Reserve located 1.8 miles south of Maghera?
  2. How high is Carntogher? 1,521 feet, 1,956 feet or 2130 feet
  3. What river was Seamus Heaney referring to when he wrote:

            ‘she flowed black-lick and quick under the sallies’

      4. Where near Maghera would you find McCartney’s Oak?


         Name the local historic buildings from the descriptions:

       1. Built into the side of a hill, this stone structure was used to treat fever and pain.   

      2. It stands on the summit of a small hill….all that remains of it are the foundations and part of the east gable………….the oldest               tombstone in the small graveyard is dated 1748.





‘Stuck for Words?’  with:  Sheena Wilkinson

Sheena Wilkinson

Stuck at home? Stuck for something to do? Stuck for words?

Why not try a fun creative writing workshop?

Working online with an experienced writer, you’ll have the chance to escape lockdown by travelling somewhere safe but limitless — your own imagination and memory. In these short, interactive workshops you’ll be guided to create lasting mementoes of how we’re living now, or memories of how we used to live: it’s up to you! All you need is pen and paper, an internet connection, and the willingness to have a go.

Sheena Wilkinson is hosting two virtual creative writing workshops for MHS Heritage & Culture Ltd. on Saturday 20th June and Saturday 11th July at 3.30 pm. Each workshop will be hosted on Zoom and will be about an hour and a half long. Sheena’s way of working is very relaxed and informal and she has run a creative writing event with us before based on a walk through Drumnaph Woods which was very enjoyable and inspiring.

There is no charge for taking part but it will be necessary to book your place in advance. To do this either ring the MHS Centre at 02879642677 or email us at

For those who made not have used Zoom before- it is very easy to access- simply click on a link to join a meeting. We can discuss this with anyone who may be trying Zoom for the first time, and explain how it works.

Described as ‘one of our foremost writers’, Sheena Wilkinson has won many awards for her fiction. Her recent novels, Name upon Name, Star by Star and Hope against Hope, have been published to commemorate the Decade of Centenaries, and are coming-of-age stories set against the turbulent events of the 1910s/1920s in the North of Ireland. Sheena is a very experienced workshop facilitator in all sorts of settings from forests to prisons to universities.

Events News



Due to the ongoing Covid 19 crisis we have decided to cancel this years Agrigriculture Show. It is with a heavy heart we do so as the show has become such a huge success over the last few years and is very dear to our hearts here at MHS Heritage & Culture, however we are already planning next years show for Saturday 3rd July 2021 and intend for it to be bigger and better than ever.

In light of the ongoing lockdown we are planning a few Covid related video projects, which we are in the process of sourcing funding for.  One of the videos focuses on our Agri Show contributors. If this sounds like something you wish to be a part of or want to know more about do get in touch, although we will be contacting contributors in due course.